Vlad Blast Adin Ross Over Canceled Boosie Badazz Stream Involving Charleston White

Boosie BadAzz canceled a scheduled appearance with Adin Ross on his livestream after he reportedly invited controversial personality Charleston White for a confrontation on Livestream.

Adin Ross has been earning the respect of many figures in hip hop despite his controversial behaviors to drive up his viewership. His latest interview appears to be with Boosie, but the appearance was canceled at the last minute after he seemingly tried to set up Boosie with a surprise appearance by White.

Boosie and Charleston White are not friends, and their beef goes back years now, with White claiming that Boosie’s jail stint is questionable and that he might have cooperated with authorities. He also claimed that he was the one who called the police on Boosie’s son last year, leading to him being arrested, and he’s been very vocal about Boosie’s current legal woes.

According to Boosie’s friend Vlad, Boosie was initially paid for the appearance on Adin’s livestream, but he canceled it after Charleston was added to it, which would see the men in a confrontation.

“So after talking to Boosie, here’s the whole story behind the Adin Ross & Boosie canceled livestream. Adin personally reached out to Boosie and agreed to pay him to be on his stream. 2 hours before they were about to start, Adin’s assistant called Boosie and changed the terms of the deal. He told Boosie they needed to have Charleston on the stream as well, knowing that Charleston talked about Boosie’s kids in the past, so it would ‘go viral.’ Boosie turned it down,” Vlad wrote on Twitter.

He added that “Adin lied about turning down the Boosie stream because of his loyalty to Charleston. He did a bait-and-switch with Boosie, and it didn’t work.”

“I cancelled the Boosie chat. No disrespect to Boosie; I just said I would only do the stream if Charleston was allowed out of respect for Charleston. As you guys know like, I’m loyal to unc Charleston White…. It’s no disrespect. I told Charleston out of respect for him I would only do it with Charleston,” he said.

“I have a chemistry built with Charleston, and I f**k with Boosie; I don’t have any issues with Boosie, I understand. I don’t know what they got going on; I don’t want to get between them. Out of respect for Charleston, I told him if he’s not there, I won’t do it,” he added.

Vlad, who is Jewish, also called out Ross, who he said was Jewish but was entertaining Charleston, who has proclaimed his love for Hitler and claimed that the “holocaust was fake.”

Boosie has not publicly commented on the entire incident.

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