Buju Banton’s Freedom Will Be Celebrated in Trinidad. The Countdown is On.

Globally, the anticipation surrounding the release of incarcerated reggae sensation, Mark Myrie- Buju Banton, is extremely high. Fans have already been told by a Public Relations team representing the singer, that his deportation processing will be swift, and his return to his homeland, Jamaica, will immediately follow. Last week, the Grammy Award winner, in a letter sent to fans, said his only desire at this time is peace and love, adding that he only wants to be associated with his craft.

In Trinidad and Tobago, plans are afoot to celebrate the singer’s release from prison in December. High Frequency Entertainment, organizers of the I Am Legend concert event scheduled for April 2019, have been hard at work, developing a celebration that will hear the artist’s music being played around the capital city on December 8th. “This is going to be a tremendous day for every Buju Banton fan, no matter where they may be in the world. This is an artist who gave the world lyrics and melodies to deal with any circumstance that presents itself in life,” said a representative for High Frequency Entertainment.

The promotional outfit has also updated its website to reflect the upcoming release with the option for persons to subscribe for information on next year’s concert. Tickets for the show are yet to be made available, however already, they are in high demand. “We’ve had people calling from all over the world, asking us when tickets will be available. That’s not our focus just yet. What we are doing right now is preparing to welcome our Caribbean legend, home,” said the organizer.

Source: Ebuzztt.com

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