Remy Ma and Eazy Allegedly Spotted On Date Amid Papoose Cheating Rumors

The rumors of Remy Ma and Eazy the Block Captain having an affair seem to be taking on a new face as a photo has surfaced allegedly showing the two enjoying a meal together and suggesting they were on a date. This comes on the heels of allegations Remy cheated on her husband Papoose.

Over the weekend, talks of the rumored affair reignited after another rapper brought up the claims during a rap battle against Eazy. Remy Ma was in attendance and did not bat an eyelid at the comments.

Later, after the rap battle, she spoke to a YouTuber, but she did not confirm or deny the rumors, only noting that it was not new as it was posted in the blogs months ago. She also added that she is used to rappers bringing up anything that would help them during rap battles.

However, while some might have overlooked the entire thing, Tasha K dropped a photo of what she claims is Remy Ma on a date with Eazy.

The photo appears to have been stealthily taken from across Remy and Eazy’s table. The two appear to be eating as the table has several plates of food on it. Remy appears to be wearing heels, a grey suit, and a pair of sunglasses, while Eazy is dressed down in sneakers, a dark blue shirt, and a black snapback hat.

The photo appears to be taken while Remy is enjoying a glass of wine. According to Tasha K, the photo was sent by a follower of her show and allegedly shows the two on a date. Some fans have also located the restaurant as Applebee’s.

Remy Ma’s husband, Papoose, has not spoken since the rumors resurfaced this week. However, the hip-hop community has expressed shock after Eazy’s rap battle response to fellow rapper Geechi, who mentioned the rumored affair.

“Wanna know who I’m f****ing in the game, you wanna know the details? N*** keep this on the DL, If you heard a did something to me over a female and he ain’t dead, it’s probably because I still got the female,” Eazy rapped in response to loud cheers from the audience.


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