Valiant Takes The Street With Romeich & Chronic Law In “Motorcade”

Valiant take it to the street in “Motorcade” video with Chronic Law and Romeich Major

Valiant is showing no signs of slowing down following a series of hits that quickly catapult him to dancehall superstardom. The young deejay returns with a new song, “Motorcade,” with an exciting music video that saw Chronic Law and Romeich making cameos. Romeich Entertainment is also the producer behind the single and music video.

Valiant has released almost a dozen new songs since the start of the year, and it appears he is just getting started. The deejay says he and his team has no plans of slowing down. In his new song, he sings about taking to the street from sun up to sun down.

“Plug out the sun. A darkness / Touch the road tonight, A gyal a seh she waah roll beside me right / Purple jeans mix wid the Versace style / Pull up pon the gas pump, And make the tank full and den mi get the condom / New gyal in a the car a hold mi ransom / And mi side gyal just a throw tantrum,” Valiant sings.

Valiant previously released songs like “Rasta,” “Expensive,” “Protect Me,” “Bruk Days,” “Weh She Love,” and “Lover Boy,” all released at the top of the new year.

The dancehall star also addressed some recent controversies involving Kabaka Pyramid being critical of his new song “Rasta.” Valiant says the song is in no way a disrespect toward the Rastafarian community.

“Kabaka Pyramid congratulations pon yuh Grammy, yuh done know say a big thing that, a big move dat,” Valiant said. “For me now, nuff people nuh really understand wordplay and some people no really understand certain song. Me neva disrespect nuh Rasta. Mi nah disrespect… I don’t think Rasta is our culture, but Rasta a the way of life weh way most Jamaicans live right?”

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