Notice on operations – St George’s Market

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Implementation informs the St George’s Market is NOT open for business.

This is because required infrastructural work must be done prior to its opening. The proposed infrastructural work will enhance the ambience of the market and support compliance with the sanitisation requirements of the Covid-19 protocol.

Opening of the market will mean that vendors and patrons alike must adhere to the Covid-19 protocols and use sanitising solutions as well as face coverings.

In addition, patrons entering the market must go through a sanitation booth to ensure that they do not endanger the health of others.

The general public is advised that the opening of the Grenville Market on 5 June 2020 was easier as the space from the door of one booth to the door of the next booth is more than 6 feet. In most cases, it is 10 feet and above.

The ministry takes this opportunity to encourage all vendors to cease and desist from using the facility for vending and remove all items on or before Saturday, 11 July 2020.

For further information, please contact:

  • Merina Jessamy, Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure Development and Implementation at 440-2271 or via email at;
  • Najar Andall, Chief Technical Officer (Ag).
  • Esther Thomas, Planning Officer II at 440-2271
  • Ignatius Mason, Market Manager at 440-1556

Ministry of Infrastructure Development.


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