Mr. Vegas Says Bounty Killer Encouraging “Assassination” Of Police

Mr. Vegas suggests that Bounty Killer is encouraging the assassination of police officers and tags Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Mr. Vegas ceased on the opportunity to call out his nemesis Bounty Killer after a video shared by Urban Islandz of the dancehall legend getting into a heated argument with cops at Angel Doolas’ son’s funeral last weekend.

In the clip, Bounty Killer bash police officers about a traffic stop at the cemetery where the youngster was laid to rest. The dancehall legend was clearly heated while suggesting that those are among the reasons why they get killed.

“One likkle simple traffic stop yuh come yah fi prosecute smaddy?” Killer questioned. “I hope when unnuh get execute unnuh nuh bawl ’bout prosecute.”

Mr. Vegas reshared the clip on his Suubi Instagram account, where he called out his dancehall rival for “encouraging the assassination or our lawmen.” While Bounty Killer did not encourage anyone to hurt police officers in the video, Vegas insist that was his interpretation of the event that unfolded over the weekend.

“You can’t f**ing make this up! A suh him powerful?” MV asks while also tagging Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Bounty Killer has not yet responded to Mr. Vegas, but his fans sounded off in the comments calling out the “Bruk It Down” deejay of reaching in his reaction to the clip. Killer, whose real name is Rodney Price, was among a handful of celebrities who attended Angel Doolas’ son, Noel Douglas’ funeral. Noel, 21, was shot and killed by a Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) soldier on Penwood Road in Kingston on New Year’s Day. According to reports, he was shot to death after a JDF officer allegedly saw him firing a weapon to ring in the New Year. Officers say they recovered two firearms in the incident.


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Angel Doolas’ son is also Bounty Killer’s godson. In a message shared on his Instagram, the “Blood ClXXT” deejay calls Doolas a brother who he shared over 34 years of friendship with.

“34yrs of brotherhood and friendship nuh sell a shop stay strong mi bredda I know word might can’t consoles or soothes ur feelings at this moment but forward is the only way up and out and we are here 4 u however whenever forever Jah not sleeping Noel will be fine love and love alone bredda,” he wrote.

Angel Doolas also thanked Bounty Killer for the support in his time of grief. The singer wrote, “Well said bro @grunggaadzilla It’s fuel in the tank for me when well wishes like these are offered. It comforts the spirit, strengthens the courage to keep the focus and move on from grief. Give thnx general.”

Bounty Killer and Angel Doolas have collaborated on several singles over the years, including “Gal Turn Me On” off the Salsa Riddim and “Fitness.” Doolas also wrote several hit songs for Bounty Killer during his impressive run in the 1990s and 2000s. Among them is the classic single “Book Book Book.”

Killer recently ended his clash with Mr. Vegas by claiming victory. Fans of both sides are giving their artists victory. On that note, it’s safe to the that the beef ended inconclusively. Perhaps a live onstage clash would be the deciding factor.


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