NBA YoungBoy Take Shots At Kodak Black For Dissing Never Broke Again Fans

NBA YoungBoy didn’t take too likely Kodak Black saying he doesn’t like his Never Broke Again fans.

It looks like yet another beef is brewing in the hip-hop world. This time two very popular artists look set to go at it as NBA YoungBoy has responded and not kindly to Kodak Black’s criticism of his fans. Earlier this month, Kodak Black took to Twitter to share his opinion of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s music.

While he admitted that he likes the “I Hate Youngboy” rapper’s music, he also said that he found the artist’s fans irritating. In that tweet, he added that he was stating what everyone else was afraid to say and felt like his opinion was the same consensus in the industry.

Youngboy fired back yesterday, August 11, on Instagram, calling out Kodak by saying that anybody who didn’t like his fans was a “pu*sy” in his books. That was the direct shot he took at Kodak, but the rest of the message was mostly a veiled one.

“To be honest I really don’t care about this being my last album,” he wrote. “I finally can say I completed something. I ain’t finish school. I never finish nothing but my smoke… but nah gangster I then shedded tears from the way y’all been doing me but it’s all for the better. tell li Dave and my grandma I completed something and I’m doing fine.”

Strangely enough, a short while after he made the post, his account was removed from Instagram. It’s not yet known if that move was voluntary.

However, it does appear that NBA YoungBoy puts his fans first and is willing to go to war to defend them. The post also made it clear that he doesn’t rock with anyone who puts down his fans. Kodak’s issues started when YoungBoy’s fans began trolling his posts by replying “YB Better.”

The “Tunnel Vision” rapper presented his evidence on Twitter on August 5. At that time, he took umbrage with how the fans were trolling him as he also added that it seemed he couldn’t do anything with Youngboy’s fans saying that their artist was better than him.

At one point, he posted: “N***a Can’t Even Post A Cheeseburger Without They A#s Under A Post Talm Bout ‘YB Post His Burger Better.’ I Love It That’s Kool But The Sh*t B Irritating Af Homie, Y’all Stay On Dat N***a Page Wit Dat Sh*t.”

It seemed to affect his mental health so much that he threatened to delete his Twitter account, but that never materialized. In that disturbing tweet, he also said that he had reached the point where he felt like hurting YB’s fans, even though he promoted his new album in the same post.

It may have been a combination of things that had him in a weird mental space, though, as he also admitted that he was tired of the fame and the pressure that comes with it.

NBA YoungBoy and Kodak Black have never really been good with each other. In 2020, the Florida rapper went as far as to accuse the Baton Rouge rapper of cooperating with Houston police. That was in regards to the case with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna Mayweather, who was arrested for allegedly stabbing Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, who is the mother of YoungBoy’s child.

During that time, he said that Iyana stayed at his place and that she was his wife and even went as far as to say that NBA snitched on him while he was in jail. A lot of that tweet was also directed at NBA in anger.

Knowing how Kodak Black usually operates, there’s probably a strong response coming.

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