Spice Accidentally Reveals Jada Kingdom Pregnancy On IG Live

Dancehall artiste Spice claims that Jada Kingdom is pregnant but tries to “trick” her fans because her belly is small. The “Gen Z Jezebel” artist has been dating Pardison Fontaine for less than a year, and it seems that Pardi hinted months ago that Jada might be carrying a little nugget.

During a photo-op in early February, Pardison Fontaine rubbed Jada’s belly in a suggestive way, which led to her fans speculating that she might be carrying his child. Neither has confirmed or denied the rumors, but many speculated that Jada might be keeping things under wraps given that she had a miscarriage before for her ex-boyfriend Drill rapper Nas EBK.

It seems that Jada and Spice, who share a close relationship, linked up in her hometown of Atlanta for some girl time out, which included shopping and dinner. Spice, however, seemingly enjoyed the moment she teased Jada Kingdom about being pregnant.

“Yuh pregnant. Ah true yuh belly likkle. Nuh badda trick the people dem. Ah true yuh belly nah show big,” Spice said.

Someone also signaled to Spice that the news was not yet out. “Oh, you never told them, oh you never talk yet,” Spice said before ducking away from the camera and covering her mouth in shock.

The women also try to deflect from the situation as Spice deftly spins the conversation about them going to eat filet mignon and Jada going to take her shopping.

“You will feed me?” Jada asks while joking that she will return the favor to Spice the next day.

Spice and Jada have always had a camaraderie as Jamaican artists, but more so, they have each other’s back during disputes with other artists. Spice often refers to Jada as her “little sister” and has always spoken about her loyalty.

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