Kanye West Shares Visual Snippet Of New Song Sampling Lauryn Hill’s Classic Shot In Haiti

Kanye West is sampling one of Lauryn Hill’s classics for his new single “Believe What I Say.”

Over the last two weeks, we have heard a great deal from Kanye West via Twitter. Speaking out about his issues with Sony and Universal, Kanye declared that he would no longer be making music while locked into a contract that he considers abusive. From there, he went on to troll record executives by name and even posted screenshots of private messages wherein he was told he couldn’t legally have a conversation with Jeff Harleston, the head of Universal. Despite the ongoing legal battle, Kanye surprised fans Saturday when he unexpectedly debuted a snippet of a new song on his Twitter page.

Posting the song and accompanying video, Yeezy captioned the post, “BELIEVE WHAT I SAY (snippet).” The thirty-second self-shot video takes place on a speed boat with several other people as the sun sets over a gorgeous ocean scene. While many of Ye’s recent posts have been all over the place, mentions of Haiti have led many followers to believe the video was shot near the island. Posting a picture of a painting depicting a slave uprising, West tweeted, “Haiti is where our people started the first revolution that freed us from slavery.”

The new song very prominently samples Lauryn Hill’s “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” from her classic album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Kanye West seems to be using the lyrics as another way to express his frustrations with the music industry, rapping, “Just one time for the record/Don’t agree with the message/Don’t agree with the methods.” It’s unclear at this point what Kanye has planned as far as music releases go. He originally announced an upcoming album back in June title Donda, but that drop has been delayed and, considering his contractual situation, there is no telling when or if we will ever see the full project. Additionally, Kanye West continues to pursue spots on the presidential ballot in multiple states, a move many people feel is an attempt to split the vote and ensure a win for Donald Trump.

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