Scrptiid, Jada Kingdom Perfectly Blends Dancehall & Afrobeats With “On My Way”

Dancehall heavy hitter Jada Kingdom link-up with fast-rising star Scrptiid on a new collaboration, “On My Way.”

The feel-good single blends the distinctive sounds of dancehall and afrobeats in perfect harmony to create a masterpiece with cutting-edge lyrics and smooth delivery. The song’s upbeat tempo, stitched with catchy lyrics and tropical melodies, makes it irresistible to hit the dancefloor. The high-energy club banger was produced by Astyle Alive, who told Urban Islandz that the track is a celebration of life, love, and music, and embodies the spirit of dancehall and afrobeats.

Speaking with Urban Islandz about the inspiration behind the song, Scrptiid said it was the perfect outlet to share his feelings. “I was hungry to find a place where I could get my feelings from one place (trapped in my mind) to the next (expressing it outwards),” he told us. “The microphone happened to be that outlet for what inspired the song it’s simple, another experience/story at some point in my wildlife and is only one of the many I have to share.”

The artist also shared how he connected with Jada Kingdom, who dropped a fire verse for the track.

Back in 2020, when the song was initially released, Jada heard it circulating on social media, messaged me about featuring it, and pitched a remix,” Scrptiid shared. “Communication fell through then, which neither party was at fault for. Still, it brought us to 2022 around the summer, were (Astyle and I ) planned a re-release due to the song not meeting the expectations in 2020 because of the Covid situation. So naturally, we had the idea of a female artist featuring on the song this time, so it was only fitting we pitched the idea to Jada, who had already loved the song, which made the transition even smoother, and now we have a hit.”

Scrptiid says he and his team are working on a music video for the single. “We’ve been working on it, pitching ideas and searching for the right person to bring this story to life from behind the lens, even before the song was released,” he shared.

“Honestly, this song deserves the glory of standing alone and being surrounded by a body of work just as good as itself,” Scrptiid shared when asked about a body of work. “Still, for now, that’s not decided due to the massive collection of songs recorded so far, and no doubt I’d like to showcase my talent and the diversity of it in the other songs to come, so we’ll see.”

“On My Way” is a true testament to the versatility and talent of the artists and producers working behind the scene in the reggae/dancehall and afrobeats genres. These artists and producers continue to push the boundaries of modern music with feel-good and infectious sounds from the Caribbean and Africa.

“On my Way” is now available on all major streaming platforms like Apple Music Spotify, YouTube, and Tidal.

Astyle Alive is a Grammy-nominated, Billboard chart-topping music management company dedicated to discovering and promoting the best new talent in the industry. The company primarily focuses on dancehall and afro-caribbean music.

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