Jahshii’s Parents Breaks Silence On False Reports About Murder Case

jahshii’s parents says bloggers are behind a false report that put the dancehall star and his family in danger

The mother of dancehall artiste, Jahshii says the allegations against her son are false and that persons are making up rumors that the artiste was involved in the murder of a man in the Grants Pen community.

Last week, local police said that Jahshii was being sought for questioning into the murder of Grants Pen alleged gangster, 45-year-old Omar “Romie” Wright, on June 7. The allegations are that the artiste and Wright had a verbal confrontation hours before he was killed. The confrontation was over the alleged “don” getting into an altercation with Jahshii’s mother.

However, the artiste’s mother and family members call the reports “fake news” and say that unknown persons were making up rumors to stop Jahshii’s career. His mother, whose name is Lorna, also denied that she and the deceased man were involved in an altercation.

“Why people a stop me from achieve my bread and my likkle son Jahshii from achieving his goal? From Jahshii was four years old him a fight fi him goal and now him get it. Why dem want hol’ down mi pickney?” Lorna said in a Jamaica Observer article.

She denied that she or Jahshii knew anything about the death of Wright and said that her hands were “clean and heart pure.” The woman who owns a wholesale shop in Grants Pen said since reports surfaced, she has been in fear for her life and unable to work.

“Mi can’t even get fi come out and come do my everyday duty and sell mi soup cause the blogger dem make me fraid a my community,” she said.

She also showed the newspaper that her shop was next to the deceased shop.

She added that the bloggers were ‘baiting’ up the family of Romie to cause a reprisal against her and shared that she never knew anything about the deceased being a gangster.

Jahshii’s father, Mervin Clarke, also said that unknown persons were using a made-up story about Jahshii’s mother to get to the artiste.

“Dem want carry down the yute career. The amount ah good things him do bout here, him keep treats for the youth dem, him gi back to the school weh him go- Shortwood school and the church weh him go,” he said.

“Dem want blight the youth career,” he said, adding that it was false news going around.

Jahshii was born and raised in Grants Pen but moved out of the community shortly after his career became successful.

He turned himself in to police last week with his lawyers and was released shortly after.

The dancehall artiste’s father called on people to stop spreading false news to go viral because it is endangering Jahshii’s life.

Article Source:Urbanislandz.com

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