Alkaline Warn Youths About The Streets In “Lone Madness”

Alkaline is back on the airwaves with his new song, “Lone Madness.”

The head of the Vendetta clan has managed to maintain a consistent presence on dancehall airwaves over the past decade with a regular supply of new music. Alkaline’s new song “Lone Madness” follows his recent releases “Seh We Great” “Valum,” and “Static,” which were both released just before the summer.

The song was produced by GreyHut Productions and Autobamb Records, who previously worked with the deejay on some of his previous releases. The track saw Alkaline singing melodies and gritty lyrics over a trippy beat. At the center of his lyrics, he touches on the dark side of street life, where he warns the youths about violence.

“Many souls lost in these bloody streets, bloody streets, bloody streets/Many come and go in these bloody streets/bare juvenile weh no stop knock it/Police know wah a gwaan and cyan stop it/Big mattic them a walk wid cause people see the road and no even bother waan walk pon it,” Alka deejay.

Alkaline, who has a cult-like following in dancehall, sent his fans into a frenzy after dropping the song on YouTube and other DSPs on Tuesday (August 23). Based on the feedback from his fans, the track is destined to be another hit under his belt.

“Alka never miss and they need to give the Vendetta his glory now the number one artist in dancehall and everyone else fighting for second place no lie,” one Detta fan wrote. Another added, “Song clean like beats headphone and lyrics a chop road like me X4 (BMW).”

Alkaline is currently working on his third album. A title or release date for the project is not yet available.

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