DJ Khaled Reveal Plans For ‘Khaled & Friends’ Show In Jamaica

DJ Khaled plots a major “Khaled And Friends” concert in Jamaica.

The We The Best Music Group head revealed that he and Sharon Burke are playing something special for Jamaica. In a video shared on his Instagram account, the producer and former DJ shared that he and Solid Agency’s Sharon Burke had spoken about having a show on the island. However, the plans were disrupted by the pandemic.

However, he says there are still plans in the works for the ‘Khaled and Friends’ show, but he couldn’t say when that would happen.

In the video shared from his home in Miami, DJ Khaled says that he loves Burke, whom he has known from as far back as the early 2000s.

Burke is credited as being the one to bring DJ Khaled to Jamaica for the legendary event Fully Loaded 2000s, which has no doubt led to the American making some of his major friendships and music relationships with Jamaican artists.

“I am with the legendary Sharon Burke from Jamaica. Everybody know I love Sharon Burke,” he said while Sharon interjected that he only loves her “sometimes.”

“She flew all the way from Jamaica to Miami because I told her I want to do something special, but then the pandemic came. Me and Sharon was talking about doing a show together. We still gonna do it. We’re still gonna do a special show. I don’t know when, but we wanna put it together, it’s gonna be Khaled and Friends in Jamaica and it’s gonna be legendary,” he added

Khaled also shared another video of him and Burke riding around Miami in his drop-top Maybach.

“We make chune PON your head top,” Khaled wrote in the caption. “And we going tap dance PON your head top wit chune ! mean while u still trying figure how to make chune . We the biggest forever it’s not a [Secret]. WIN WIT US OR WATCH US WIN ! GOD DID!”

DJ Khaled also appears to be in album mode. He shared several videos of himself in Jamaica and teased snippets from Buju Banton and Sizzla.

“ALBUM MODE ITS SPECIAL,VERY ! Im getting close to finishing the album up. so I can focused on the visuals and videos for my album. It’s always so important to me for spiritual vibes for me to be in Jamaica. My music Ima give to the world is music that the world can resonate but always give your soul a satisfaction vibe !” he wrote about his trip to Jamaica.

Khaled’s last two albums, Father of Asahd released in 2019, and Khaled Khaled released in 2021, saw the producer visiting Jamaica extensively and mingling with artists like Bounty KillerBarrington LevyBuju Banton, and Sizzla Kalonji. The visuals and front covers of the albums were shot and produced in Jamaica.

In the meantime, he has been giving hints about his new album and even shared that Drake would appear on the next project.

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