Drake Teases ‘Crazy’ New Music After Performing With Backstreet Boys

Drake teases more new music is coming on the heels of his recent appearance with Backstreet Boys.

The OVO leader received some criticism last month after dropping his surprising new album Honestly, Nevermind. Although he pushed back at his critics, it’s clear that he is ready to move on and drop more new music. In a newly surfaced clip with himself and French MontanaDrake announced that he is going back to dropping “crazy” music.

“I’m back going crazy, I’m just letting you know that,” the 6 God said. “I’m in a different bag right now, I promise you.”

Drake didn’t give any further details or give a preview of what’s to come, but knowing him, he has already recorded the vast majority of what he got coming. He also recently revealed he got another Scary Hour mixtape coming.

Drake also got a chance to live out every 90s baby’s dream when he got to join the famous Backstreet Boys on stage over the weekend.

The rapper was among fans who attended the Backstreet Boys concert in Toronto, Canada, on Saturday evening, and Drake had a chance to perform the group’s mega hit, “I Want It That Way.”

The group named Drake an honourary member and referred to him as its “sixth member.” A video was shared online by the Backstreet Boys. “What’s better than I Want It That Way?” The captioned.

In the 2-minute video shared on Twitter, the Backstreet Boy sing a mashup with their songs and freestyles Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” before launching into the famous track.

Drake, who is clearly enjoying the group’s performance, also recollected one of his favorite memories as a child of the song “I Want It That Way.”

“At 13 years old, I had a bar mitzvah, and at my bar mitzvah, for the first time in my life, this girl I was in love with came up to me while one of the greatest songs in the world was playing, and she asked me if I would dance with her,” Drake said.

The rapper continued,” It was the first time I ever felt acknowledged, and it was the first time I ever felt like, you know, I had a shot at being cool.”

Drake, who previously played the television character Jimmy in Degrassi, has often shared about her own identity issues and his need back then for validation.

He shouted out the girl mentioned in his story.

“If she can see me now, you know what I’m talking about?” he said before joining the group in singing the tune.

Article Source: urbanislandz.com

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