Cardi B & Offset Turns Relationship Drama Into Art In Cinematic “Jealousy” Video

Cardi B and Offset are dropping a new collaboration amidst their recent relationship drama.

Over the past month, the narrative that Cardi B may have cheated on her husband has been lingering on social media. The rumor that was started by Cardi’s rapper husband, Offset himself, was reportedly spurred on by jealousy, according to Cardi. Now, the couple is making light of the situation with a new track titled just that, “Jealousy.”

Bardi had quelled rumors that she ever cheated on her husband as soon as he made the accusation on social media. The “Be Careful” hitmaker has been in an ongoing feud with YouTuber Tasha K, who had reportedly slandered the rapper with claims that she contracted STIs, among other things. The influencer lost the defamation lawsuit Cardi filed against her and was ordered by the court to pay the rapper $4 million. Tasha K also recently accused Offset of cheating again, and all that drama apparently makes for a great storyline for a song and music video by the couple.

Cardi B took to Twitter on Thursday (July 27) to share a teaser from the music video for her and her husband’s upcoming release. “Jealousy,” on which Offset is listed as lead artist and his wife, Cardi B, as feature, is slated to arrive on Friday (July 28). In the teaser the Grammy award-winning artist posted, she and her gal pal, played by special guest star Taraji P. Henson are heard chatting about the drama on the phone.

“This hating a** b**ch, again, talking s**t, again,” Cardi says, alluding to Tasha K. “Bringing up my ni**a, bringing up Offset, again,” she adds. Taraji responds by questioning, “What that ni**a do now?! What the f**k he do now?” Cardi then pointed out that Offset cheating in the past often allows people to be easily convinced that he has done it again whether it’s true or not. In the end, the actress who plays Cardi’s friend in the visuals advises the rapper to work through it with her man and “rub it all in that b**ch face.”

After years of the same overplayed narrative plaguing their relationship as a result of Cardi choosing to forgive her husband’s infidelity and stay with him, it looks like the couple has finally been incentivized to profit off their own relationship woes – and why not? The media certainly does. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

“Jealousy,” which is an ode to Cardi B and Offset’s current relationship drama, is the couple’s first collaboration since “Clout” in 2019. On YouTube, that music video is on the road to half a billion views and is among Offset’s most streamed tracks on Spotify. The impending collaboration is not only based on the couple’s real life, but they’ve also chosen to honor it with a short-film-style music video which fans are excited about. New Music Friday is set to be all the hype this week.


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