YNW Melly’s Mother Attempts To Influence Jurors, Prosecutor Says

Jamie King, the mother of rapper YNW Melly is denying that she made deliberate efforts to intimidate or influence potential jurors as jury pre-selection started this week.

A motion was filed on Wednesday morning by Prosecutor Alixandra Buckelew which asks that Melly’s mother, Jamie King be banned within 1000 feet of proceedings and the building as jury pre-selection takes place.

According to journalist, Bryson Paul, Buckelew filed a 7-page Motion For Inquiry of All Prequalified Jurors and Motion For Relief and specifically claims that Melly’s mother has exhibited behaviors that are aimed at tampering or influencing jurors.

The motion is seeking the judge’s permission to conduct a voir dire with all prequalified jurors in November pertaining to a complaint by a potential juror #306 that he noticed with King during a hearing on October 24th.

According to the prosecution, juror #306 who was not chosen as a juror and later revealed that she was a former Broward Sheriff’s Office employee, told the lawyer for BSO Christian Tsoubanos that she had “concerning” information witnessed during jury service.

The juror said she noticed a woman wearing blue scrubs sitting in the courtroom and when the jurors were leaving, she stood by the entrance to the courthouse on the third floor where all the jurors walked in and out where the jurors parked.

Juror #306 claims that while in the parking area where jurors parked, King was seen “crying into a tissue as jurors walked out.”

The State confirmed that King was the only civilian in the courtroom during jury selection and had on blue scrubs.

According to the state, King normally enters and exits the courtroom at the front entrance and would have no cause for being at the third floor garage where jurors parked.

According to Buckilew, Jamie King was strategic and aimed to garner the sympathy of jurors in a bid to influence them.

“It is apparent Ms. King positioned herself in an area that is known for where these prospective jurors would be present. It is highly inappropriate for Ms. King, or any other party, to place themselves in a position where their conduct could have an impact on the jury. Position yourself at the juror parking garage and crying is a clear attempt to manipulate or influence potential jurors retiring for attorney questioning,” the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor is asking for Judge John Murphy III to grant the motion that King has no contact with jurors or be within 1000 feet of the Broward County Courtroom unless she is being called as a witness.

Another juror #349 accuses King of attempting to make “intense eye contact” with her.

“Juror #349 described this behavior as someone clearly trying to get her attention and speak with her eyes…as a way for Ms. King to try and approach the juror later which was extremely uncomfortable,” the motion read.

Buckelew, however, says if the court is not minded to accede to her request, King should not be allowed to attend any more jury pre-selection hearings.

The prosecutor also asked that other measures be put in place that prevent people from moving in and out of the courtroom while jurors are in the hallways to prevent contact and that all parties should be warned about the sanctity of the jury selection process.

In the meantime, Jamie King denied that she attempted to influence jurors writing in Bryson Paul’s comments her denial.

“This is such a lie!! The fact that someone I worked with got called is a crazy coincidence! He was 100% honest about it. I never said 1 word to him!! They are doing everything to keep me from supporting my son it’s disgusting! I did nothing wrong. I’m a nurse people know me,” King wrote.

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