Valiant, Romeich Question Dancehall Fans Streaming His Violent Songs Over Conscious Music

Valiant and Romeich Major are questioning why fans are quick to support music that is not “positive,” which not only discourages artists but also casts a bad impression on the dancehall community.

On Tuesday, he shared a screenshot of a conversation online talking about rising artist Valiant not getting much attention for his song “Hall of Fame,” which is a motivational anthem, while his other songs like “Glock40” received millions of views shortly after release.

Valiant also acknowledged a comment by a fan who shared that “Hall Of Fame,” released a month ago, only has 419k views while “Glock 40” has 2.2 million views in 14 days.

“Facts Yah talk,” Valiant wrote in response to the original comment, which said, “smh then y’all complain bout dancehall gone down cz y’all don’t wanna hear motivational/ positive music all unu want a Glock 40 Pon mi belly mi claat it when me ready she a dog sh*t when she ready.”

Romeich Major also added that he agreed with Valiant and the comments noting that the fan’s support often drives what the artists create. The lack of support for positive music is discouraging, he added.

“Why when artists do positive song the world don’t love it like the songs that sing about things less positive. Then media and so much people fuss say a artist do this and that but yet the same big people them nah spread the positive song in media and then you the people same one nah watch and share what’s your views?” he asked his fans.

Among those who chimed in on the discussions was Cecile, who wrote “Facts,” while Dovey Magnum added, “Same thing when mi give dem song Wey naw s–kkkkkk dem nuh support it !!! A nuh just him alone dem dweeet tuh look at US.”

One follower commented, “Konshen said this a long time ago. Nuthin new.”

Valiant has blown up on the music scene with “St. Mary,” “Dunce Cheque,” and other songs, but the artist has seen more success with his controversial music rather than the positive track “Hall Of Fame.” The artist doesn’t seem bothered though, as his career hasn’t been negatively affected by the lack of reception from artists.

Among those who have criticized the content of dancehall music are Jamaican politicians who claim that the lyrics glorifying guns, drugs, and violence are negatively affecting impressionable youth.

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