Teejay Says He Recorded “Drift” In Less Than An Hour

Teejay details how his new hit “Drift” came about saying he almost passed on it because he is a gangster and not a dancer

Teejay is surprised by the success of his hot new single “Drift,” which is set to heat up the summer.

A tweet recently went viral of a Jamaican music fan’s humble plea to dancehall artists for some summer bangers. While the playlist remains scanty for the most part, Teejay’s “Drift” may very well take the lead on this one. The unexpected hit, which was released on YouTube as an audio in April, has nearly amassed 1 million views already. The track was so well-received that the views on the music video, which premiered just over a week ago, has already surpassed the original audio and is also close to garnering 1 million views.

“Drift,” which was produced by Panda, DJ Mac, and Teejay’s Top Braff Entertainment outfit, has since gone viral on TikTok thanks to its catchy flow and dance to go along with it. During his recent appearance on OnStage, Teejay told Winford Williams that he was “just kidding” when he recorded the track, and he never expected it to be so big. Admitting that the style of the track is much different from his usual work, Teejay says it still only took only an hour to find the hit when he went to the studio.

The actual dance was created by Gabbi Don, who along with Snow, formed the backup dance duo for Teejay’s performance. The dancehall star explained that when he was first told about the dance, he was hesitant because it was not his forte.

“Gabbi Don mi affi tell yuh di honest truth. The first time yuh link me bout the dance me a seh Jah know Gabbi yuh know me a rough rough yute, we nuh too do the dancing ting but I swear me get the riddim and mi hear the song and is like I was just kidding bro,” he said.

Teejay went on to explain that while the style of music was different for him, he is an entertainer and not just an artist, so he had to give the people what they wanted. “Yuh know mi find it and it jus simple, nuh much word because mi realize seh only thing people want nowadays is melody and something to dance to,” he said. “So from mi get the riddim from Panda mi jus decide seh bro mi go jus deal wid it and mi jus find the song, simple, less than an hour.”

“Drift” noticeably made Urban Islandz’s recently published list of Best Dancehall Songs of 2023 so far, where it was rightfully dubbed “perhaps Teejay’s biggest solo hit this year.” As for the singer himself, he revealed that he never thought that this could be the Teejay song of the summer. “Mr. Winford mi got like 20 song right now weh kill mi dead a did dem a di song. Honestly, mi never expect seh a did ‘Drift’ a guh be the song,” he admitted.

Teejay’s latest hit single, “Drift,” is on the road to 1 million views and every dancehall summer playlist of 2023.

Article Source:Urbanislandz.com

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