Saucy Santana Blast BeatKing For Having Twerking Male Fan Thrown Off Stage

Saucy Santana and Houston’s BeatKing are back at it as the DJ is being dragged for condoning an LGBT concertgoer being pushed off of the main stage while twerking.

A video shared on Instagram shows what looks like a man hopping onto the stage while music is being played and a performer is on stage. Within seconds, the man is thrown off the stage by a security guard. The video is posted by BeatKing with a provoking caption that has sent the LGBT community into anger.

“I’m sorry bruh but no dudes twerking on my stage,” he captions the video.

Saucy Santana also called out the producer after a fan pointed out that he reached out to Santana to make music.

“But you reached out to Saucy Santana to help you get a feature,” the fan wrote as Santana added in a comment on his own: “W/ my twerking a*s.”

Beatking and Saucy Santana are at loggerheads after he called out Santana for disrespecting Beyonce‘s daughter Blue Ivy Carter and calling her “nappy headed” and comparing her to North West.

The Beyhive is not pleased that Santana has refused to apologize.

On the other hand, members of the LGBT community expressed anger at BeatKing for allowing a fan to be disrespected or harmed.

“They like the money but not the human decency,” one social media user said while pointing out that BeatKing is booked for several Pride month events in Texas.

Another added, “It’s the fact that Beat king THE first dude accepting checks to perform at Pride but got an issue with us showing it. Chile.”

Meanwhile, some people did not see a problem with the DJ/Producer’s actions.

“He just don’t want grown men twerking on stage during his performance. What’s the issue?” one person wrote.

“he security ain’t have to push him like that but if the man ain’t want that ni**a twerking on stage then that’s his prerogative. Period,” another said.

Meanwhile, the man who was pushed down admitted to holding on to the speaker on the stage to twerk and said that he had been soreness in his hand and leg after trying to break the fall to the ground. He, however, said he didn’t plan to sue because he wasn’t familiar with lawyers.

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