Pure Grenada Music Festival Cancelled

Pure Grenada Music Festival Cancelled 1

Release From The Pure Grenada Music Festival

September 1st 2018

Dear Friends,

It is my deepest regret that I must announce the cancellation of the Pure Grenada Music Festival 2019.

We’ve enjoyed and appreciated the amazing responses from organizers, volunteers and patrons alike to PGMF 2016, 2017 & 2018 and were excited about the possibilities for PGMF 2019. However, the Pure Grenada Music Festival has been a great financial responsibility and expense that I have undertaken for the past three years, and although I have been happy to do what I can to ensure the success of this event because I truly believe in it and the opportunities it could bring to the people of Grenada, I am unable to shoulder the financial risk a fourth time. We have been putting a great effort in to curb this obstacle, but with just seven months left before the next scheduled festival, I have to make the difficult but necessary decision to cancel next year’s event.

I remain committed to music and to the development of music here in Grenada and will for sure find other ways to inspire growth and progress among the aspiring Grenadian musicians. Perhaps in the future we would be able to overcome our current difficulties and the Pure Grenada Music Festival will return to shores if Grenada, but for now, this is the course of action we must take.

Again, this decision brings with it a heavy heart. My sincerest apologies to everyone involved and hopeful and for any let-down this announcement may cause.


Dieter Burkhalter


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