Protoje & Koffee Drops Star-Studded “Switch It Up” Video

Protoje and Koffee link up for a star-studded music video, “Switch It Up.”

Protoje and friends play the role of socialites in the brand new music video for “Switch It Up.” The track was released as a part of Proto’s album, In Search Of Lost Times, which dropped in late August 2020. That release also featured a mini visualizer, which documented the Indiggnation leader’s travels across Jamaica. The official media video now features Jesse Royal among other friends and associates of the camp.

The female representation comes through Koffee, Lila Ike’, Sevana, and Jaz Elise. The males are all swagged out in formal attire, while the ladies grace viewers with looks synonymous with class and glamour. According to one fan, “Lila looks very beautiful all dressed up here. She looks like she is in a James Bond movie on the Casino tables.”

The commentary is spot-on when one considers the lavish dinner and follow-up scenes taken from their Casino Royale type event. There is also a ton of dancing from some of the aforementioned guests of honor. The vibrant color scheme brought on by the candlelit dinner, flicking lights of the slot machines all control the energy on set, ultimately leading to a world of fun and laughter. You can soak up all that Xtreme Arts has captured from the link below.

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