Popcaan Drops ‘Superior’ Single & Cruise In A Yellow Lamborghini In Ghana

Popcaan drops off a new single before heading to Ghana for a big event.

The Unruly Boss is currently in Ghana after announcing on Twitter yesterday that he is heading to Africa. “We outside BIG SLEDGE we soon fwd ghana,” Popcaan tweeted. There is also some new music on the airwaves. Following the release of “Live Some Life” three weeks ago, Poppy is back with another track, “Superior,” which is said to be featured on his upcoming album.

On September 30th, the superstar took to Instagram to post a snippet of his freshly released track, “Superior.” Though the comments were turned off, the massive number of likes the post garnered really displayed how thrilled his 2.7 million followers were because of the unexpected release.

“SUPERIOR out now #popcaanvevo,” Popcaan captioned the post with two fire emojis.

The single was produced by Anjublaxx BlackState Music and Popcaan’s own record label, Unruly Entertainment, and the visual directed by Jeezy. Though the song has only been released for a day, it has racked up over 311,000 views, surpassing other songs to capture the spot of #11 on trending for music.

The very emotional, slow-paced opening effortlessly grabs the attention of fans before Popcaan’s soothing voice is heard over the instrumental. “Pressures of life, mek some yute give up pon [the] battlefield / dem nuh waa wul it an fight. God send me an angel, show me the way out / competition deh inna the mirror, unruly neva fade out,” he deejays.

Popcaan in Ghana

Throughout the song, the artist expresses his sincere and deep feelings with the sorrowful yet uplifting lyrics. He continues to debunk the overall theme of trust and strength, continuously reinforcing the idea that the words of others don’t define you. He speaks up on social issues such as poverty and standing strong in the face of adversity. Trust is also explored as he conveys how hard it is to trust friends and family. This is the same mistrust that causes him to always have his gun with him. Facing competition is also a theme explored.

The music video starts with the unruly boss driving through his hometown in Jamaica to a house to meet up with his friends to chill and smoke, but like he’d go on to say in the song, “only God and his music know his pain” and that he couldn’t trust anyone he was around.

“Who to be trust yuh cyaa tell,” is constantly being repeated towards the end of the song where he’s now alone driving away from the house. Popcaan also sets the tone of the song with his comforting lyrics as he reassures himself and people that he was “born ready” and will always try to come out on top, tying everything back to the title, “Superior.”

The music video appears symbolic, too, as different clippings of news articles are highlighted throughout the video. Popcaan seems to be speaking on his past and the occurrences that took place, displaying some of his regrettable moments in life, though as soon as the lyrics change into more positive ones, “Definition of a conqueror that’s what I am,” the news clipping switches to more positive articles, highlighting some of his accomplishments throughout his career.

“Popcaan Reality Songs Hits Different. Songs Like these Keep Ghetto Youths Going,” one fan commented, adding a praying hand emoji.

“TBH we are so [grateful] to have a Popcaan in the industry giving us solid effective music, not every day we want to hear the bugayaga,” another commented with three fire emojis and a peace symbol.

Though the name of the album is still unknown, it will be his fifth studio project following his 2020 compilation FIXTAPE. But as if on a roll, Popcaan has also recently had three collabs including; Skip Marley’s “Vibe,” “Gyalis remix,” which he’d done with R&B star Chris Brown and rapper Capella Grey as well as “Intro (Hate on Me)” from rapper Meek Mill’s album, Expensive Pain.
Article Source: urbanislanz.com

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