Police Shared Robbers Found PnB Rock Using Instagram

Los Angeles Police are feverishly searching for the killer of rapper PnB Rock who was shot and killed on Monday. In statements to the media, LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore says that posts on Instagram may have led to the rapper being targeted for a robbery.

PnB Rock was shot and killed at a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant in Inglewood, California, while they dined in the restaurant. Rock was shot multiple times after a lone gunman demanded his gold and diamond chains and a Rolex watch he was wearing.

Moore says that while Rock’s girlfriend and mother of one of his children is not to be blamed, the incident seems to have occurred after both the rapper and his girlfriend posted that they were in the area.

According to the police Chief, Rock had shared several posts on Instagram while in the back parking lot in their Cadillac that they were at Roscoe’s. Reports are that PnB Rock had shared he was at Roscoe’s for about 45 minutes prior to the shooting.

There are four Roscoe’s in the Inglewood area, but Cops believe that the suspect had been watching PnB’s Instagram account and then went to his girlfriend’s account, where she had tagged the exact restaurant location that they were at in an Instagram Story.

“The target was expensive jewelry and property that he had on his person. We believe a senseless murder occurred following a posting on Instagram,” Moore said as he emphasized that criminals were using social media to survey potential victims.

In the meantime, police are still investigating the murder, and they have warned pawn shops to be on the lookout for any suspect who may try to sell the jewelry that was taken from the rapper.

In a statement, the police released brief details on what took place on Monday saying that the rapper was killed in a robbery while dining when he was approached by one suspect while another waited in a car in the parking lot. Cops say Allen was shot multiple times after the robber demanded items from him.

“There was a verbal exchange, and the suspect shot the victim multiple times,” police said. “The suspect appears to remove some items and fled the location. The suspect entered a vehicle waiting in the parking lot that fled in an unknown direction.”

Police said PnB Rock was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 2 PM on Monday, September 12, 2022.

In the meantime, the rapper continues to be mourned by many across the industry, even as other celebrities share words of advice for others not to wear excessive jewelry or to share their locations or even looks of what their homes look like to give thieves ideas.

On Tuesday, PnB’s label Atlantic Records memorialized the late rapper in a statement saying he was much more than a artist.

“He was also a wonderful father to two beautiful little girls,” Atlantic said in a statement sent to Urban Islandz. “This news is heavy on our hearts and we are all hurting over this senseless loss.”

In the meantime, Rock’s girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheaung is not a suspect, but she is assisting with investigations, police say.


Article Source: urbanislandz.com

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