NLE Choppa Insist He’s Single, Ex-GF Marissa Shares Baby Bump Photos

Rapper NLE Choppa insists he is single while his ex-girlfriend Marissa DeNae shares photos of her baby bump

NLE Choppa’s ex-girlfriend, Marissa DeNae, shares photos of her baby bump while he is insisting that he is a single man.

The Memphis rapper has been going back and forth online with his ex over the status of their relationship, all while she revealed her pregnancy with his baby. Certainly, this is not the first time that NLE Choppa and Marissa DeNae have aired out their relationship drama on social media, but this time a baby might very well be involved.

Choppa has also acknowledged her pregnancy, saying they went the route of IVF because she previously had a miscarriage. DeNae says she has no regrets about her relationship and her pregnancy.

“Belly update. These pics are literally a month apart,” she wrote on Instagram. “I was able to suck in and take pics still a month ago, today I can’t s*ck in nothing. I’ve gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I get kicked in my ribs, crazy heartburn, pee a million times a day, the migraines and kiss my ass, Ice Cream is my bestie. And for somebody to be a pound and some change already, my back hurting badly.”

In the meantime, NLE Choppa is adamant that he is single and is not obligated to play the baby daddy role in Marissa’s journey to motherhood. The rapper backed up her story about getting IVF treatment due to a past miscarriage.

“I’m not in a relationship,” the rapper said in an interview on The Morning Hustle podcast. “Some people delusional. I am a free man. I am God’s creation. Don’t nobody own me. I ain’t got no cell block number. [Yeah, I paid for] IVF. I think she worded it wrong. I went through IVF because we previously had a miscarriage and that was pretty much my way of another chance at it in a sense.”

His statement arrived days after she publicly called him out for being an absentee baby daddy. “I’ve had 31 appointments since we’ve placed our child in my stomach and you haven’t shown up to one,” she said.

It appears that DeNae grew angry after NLE Choppa made a few public attempts to go on dates with Ice Spice and Meagan Good, both of whom embarrassingly turned him down. The rapper said Ice Spice went as far as to change her phone number after he hit her up to invite her on a date to a vegan restaurant. Good, on the other hand, outright told him he was way too young for her.

NLE Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, is a Memphis-bred rapper who rose to prominence in hip hop with his “Shotta Flow” single released in 2019. Last week, he released his new album, Cottonwood 2, with some big features from Lola Brooke, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross


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