Ninjaman Says Beenie Man Losing Belly Inspired Him To Lose Weight In Prison, Gets Visit From Stacious

Ninjaman takes a page out of Beenie Man’s book and loses his belly weight. The dancehall legend recently received a visit in prison from Stacious, with whom he has been close friends for years.

Stacious shared some details about her visit to Horizon Remand Centre during a recent family fun day visit at the prison. She revealed that she couldn’t capture any photos of the Don Gorgon because no phones were allowed and no photographers were on hand, but she had a heartwarming conversation with him. She also shared that he dropped some pounds, and his swag turned all the way up in true Ninjaman fashion, dripping in Burberry and matching Clarks.

“So I went to visit Ninjaman today at Horizon, today is the first family visiting day since covid,” Stacious said while sharing that the last time she saw the artist was between late 2018 and early 2019.

“So I waited three hours to get a 15-minute visit, which is kinda long but it was worth it,” she continues. “Man swag up, step out in a full suite a Burberry with khaki Clarks to match. I couldn’t take a picture because there were no photographers there and no phones were allowed. But him look the same, same size a little bit lighter but him seh him did bigger but every time him walk him hear the Beenie Man voice a seh ‘do you wanna be that guy.’ Because him did have a Beenie Man belly so him did haffi hurry up and lose the belly so him lose the weight.”

“Of course you know nutten no change ’bout him a still one Gorgon, him just say thanks fi the love and thanks fi the continues support,” Stacious shared.


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In 2017, Beenie Man started getting trolled online for being skinny but having a belly. The trolling reached its peak in 2020 after the iconic “Beenie Man Verzuz Bounty Killer” broadcast Live on Instagram Live by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland during the height of the pandemic. Beenie was hit with a flood of memes about his belly.

That prompted Beenie Man to commence working out and losing his belly fat over the course of a few months with the help of his then-girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson. “This bullying can stop now,” the King of Dancehall wrote at the time. “Seet deh bright and early #workoutmode. I don’t want to be that #BigBellyGuy.”

Ninjaman is currently serving life in prison for the 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson, aka Ricky Trooper, who law enforcement say was killed in a domestic dispute on Marl Road, Kingston 13. The dancehall star, who was sentenced in 2017, will have to serve a minimum of 25 years before being eligible for parole.

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