Michael B. Jordan Trends After Lori Harvey Alleged Private Video Leaked

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are trending on Twitter after her alleged sex tape leaked online.

Steve Harvey’s daughter has been a hot topic on social media since her shocking split with Michael B. Jordan. Now she is a trending topic online for more than just her beauty. Lori Harvey started trending on Friday as news of an alleged private video making the rounds. To be clear, we have not seen the alleged video, but at least one blogger claimed she saw the juicy clip.

The same blogger also claimed she saw tapes of Rihanna and another well-known female in media. While most folks on Twitter could not confirm her statement, it was enough to send fans into a frenzy.

Lori Harvey has not reacted to the alleged leaked video, but clearly, some folks are scouring the internet to find it, and the person who started the rumor has seemingly gone ghost. Some female fans have been defending Harvey while calling out some men searching for the video online.

“It’s creepy how a lot of men are searching high & low for that Lori Harvey video. How are you so pressed to get off on something you know wasn’t meant for you to see?” one female tweeted while labeling the behavior predatory.

Some folks are blaming Michael B. Jordan for the alleged leak video. “Michael B Jordan said enough is enough and uploaded the Lori Harvey tape,” one person said.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan broke up in June after one year of dating. The two had been inseparable for the 12 months prior, winning over the hearts of fans who label them couples goals, hence why it was a shocker when news of their split broke.


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