Meek Mill Calls Out DA In Young Thug & Gunna’s RICO Case: ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’

Meek Mill on Monday (June 13) called for Atlanta rappers Young Thug and Gunna to be released as they await trial for racketeering.

Young Thug and Gunna were arrested in early May as the District Attorney’s office dropped a 56-count indictment naming Thug as the alleged leader of the YSL gang and Gunna as a member of the same gang as well as other YSL associates. When the rappers appeared before a judge earlier this month, they were denied bond.

That was also the case for the associates as the judge accepted the arguments by the prosecution that Young Thug posed a significant risk to witnesses and victims of crimes named in the indictment. The rapper is charged with murder and conspiracy in the RICO case, which sweeps more than a hundred offenses.

Even though he is held at Cobb County jail, the rapper appears to be in good spirit, as said by rapper Lil Baby and others.

Other like Meek Mill has been calling for the rappers to be freed and placed on bond as they await trial, which is set for early 2023.

On Monday, the Philly rapper shared several tweets calling for the rapper’s release.

“Free slime free wunna …free suppose to be innocent until proven guilty …Respect to that black woman trying protect her community…but going from the family success to 23 and 1 is not humane… think about locking ya dog in that bathroom 23/1
…nobody deserves that,” Meek said about the indictment.

“And then when you make the decision to leave because you came up … you lose your family and friends! “Conspiracy” when I was in jail it was only “criminals” to hang with…they was doing bad shit after we hung out, that was their decision not mines!” Meek Mill, who previously served time in jail for gun and drugs charges and violating his probation.

Meek also vouched for the character of Young Thug and Gunna and urged their release.

“I don’t know the facts but I know the character of the people Im speaking on.Everybody I grew up with was a criminal even when I got success I was hanging around criminals/survivors…my only intentions was to help them escape poverty! It’s a shame we gotta leave everybody to win,” he added.

Meek Mill has been fervently advocating for the two rappers as he previously pleaded for their release. He has also thrown his support behind a new “Protect Black Art” initiative that seeks to bring into power a law that will ban prosecutors from using rap lyrics as confessions.

A petition started by label executives Kevin Liles and Julie Greenwald is seeking to bolster support for the initiative that will be patterned after a similar law that was successfully passed in New York. That law had received much support from Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and others.

Meek Mill also urged fans to support incarcerated rappers like Young Thug, Gunna, Casanova42 DuggYFN Lucci, and Ralo.

“Write gunna thug and ysl so they can feel and hear the love being locked 22/2 you could lose your mind there ….Write Casanova ..write..Dugg …write Lucci …Write ralo That mail kept me alive in there … write your peoples also while you at it! Ima pen them all this month,” Meek tweeted.

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