Konshens and His Wife Latoya Wright Welcomes Baby Boy Zayn

Konshens and his wife Latoya Spence Wright welcomed their second child, a baby boy recently. The artist shared a sweet video of the baby on Monday, where he revealed the child’s name.

“Say wsup Zayn,” the “Bruk Off Yuh Back” singer wrote on Instagram. In the video, a tiny but aware Zayn looks at his father as he stretches. The dancehall deejay plants a kiss on the little’s forehead as the video ends.

Konshens and his wife share another son, Liam Spence, who is now six (6) years old. During her latest pregnancy, the couple sparked concern after Latts was reportedly listed as a missing person in Miami. A bulletin had also stated that she was pregnant, which was when the public learned she and the artist were expecting another child.
Konshens later disclosed that Latoya Wright was found at the hospital as she was involved in an accident.

“Many thanks for all the calls and prayers. She is now in recovery with no serious injuries. Give thanks,” he said. “This is a tuff time for our family and I will appreciate all the privacy we can get at this time,” the artist had said.

Konshens and Latoya Wright have been married since 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but their relationship has been marked by ups and downs, some of which were made public. Last year, his wife declared that she was single. However, the artist who appeared on Magnum’s Spice It Up- Spice’s weekly Magnum Tonic Wine show claimed that he was still married.

Konshens comments sparked confusion as his wife posted on her Instagram account that she has been single for months, and she had also deleted all of their photos. She also said she didn’t care about the blogs on her page finding news to report on as the couple navigates their troubles.

The couple has never confirmed the nature of their problems, although his wife seemed to have hinted that he was cheating on her. In recent times, Latts has kept off of social media, only sharing bits and pieces of her life with her son Liam.


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