Judge Speak To Juror Seen In Elevator With Tory Lanez & Kelsey Lyrics Used As Evidence

A juror who was spotted in an elevator with Tory Lanez and his team during the continuation of Lanez’s trial has shared that she is familiar with the artist, and they have done business on Instagram.

Reports from journalists covering the trial of the alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion by Tory Lanez say that proceedings were interrupted on Monday after the judge became aware that a female juror was acquainted with the Canadian rapper and she was also spotted in the elevator with the artist and his team.

According to Law and Crime’s Meghann Cuniff, the juror identified is an African American woman who is known as ‘Juror No. 39″. The reporter said that the judge had addressed the juror issue privately without giving many details.

“The juror, a younger light-skinned Black woman with braided hair and a style of dress that included pink cheetah print pants last week, was asked to stay behind, then she went back into chambers to talk to Judge Herriford,” Cuniff tweeted.

It’s unclear if there is cause to remove the juror, but it was revealed that the woman knows Tory Lanez, but she reportedly insisted that she can be “fair.” It’s unclear if the juror had disclosed that she was acquainted with Tory during jury selection. Still, according to Cuniff, the description of the juror is that she is a women’s clothing “seamstress.” The juror disclosed that she is familiar with “at least one party in the case through Instagram but generally isn’t on social media. Says she can be fair.”

There are reports that the juror and Tory Lanez were in the elevator on Friday and again on Monday. Los Angeles reporter James Queally also said he was in the elevator on Monday with the juror as well as Tory Lanez.

James noted on Twitter, “I did end up on an elevator with Lanez, his security and PR folks today, and that specific juror was in there. I did not see them taking or hear any discussion of the case.”

Kelsey Harris’ diss track “Bussin Back” entered into evidence
In the meantime, also on Monday, Jody Little, the senior DA investigator who introduced the recorded interview of Kelsey on Friday, took the stand when she was asked about Kelsey’s diss song “Bussin Back,” diss song that she wrote about Meg saying that if she had the gun there would have been a murder.

The judge also allowed the lyrics of the song to be entered into as evidence after Little spoke to it. The essence of the song was Kelsey denying that she was the shooting and could work against Lanez’s defense.

For other major development, the defense also plans to call a neighbor whom Tory Lanez’s lawyer George Mgdesyan says will testify that he saw someone who was seated where Kelsey got out of the car and attack the person seated where Meg had been seated.

Tory Lanez’s attorney also asked Little for a reason the D.A. decided not to call the neighbor to testify.

In the meantime, there are reports that Megan Thee Stallion’s bodyguard Justin Edison is still missing, but the Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed there is no missing person report for Edison, who was supposed to testify for the prosecution on Friday.

Edison is the one whom Kelsey texted, “help Tory shot meg,” the night of the shooting.

Article Source: urbanislandz.com

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