Here’s What Dancehall Artiste Need To Do To Become Successful Globally

Music insiders say Dancehall/Reggae artists need to create higher quality videos if they want to be successful globally.

According to Donovan Watkis, music industry insider and creator and host of World Music Views, in order for Dancehall artists to gain greater international success, they must ensure that their product is of a global standard.

The declaration follows the recent news that Reggae singer Tarrus Riley is on the cusp of joining some illustrious company, as his collaboration with US pop star Ellie Goulding is set to surpass the coveted 100 million mark on YouTube.

It seems the norm for Jamaican artistes to celebrate surpassing one million views on the streaming service but according to Watkis achieving 100 million is a whole different ball game.

The music analyst claims that those that manage to surpass that landmark figure are the “creme de la creme that is being streamed across the world,” including artists such as Sean Paul, Konshens, Damian Marley, and Charly Black.

Watkis explained that the success of these entertainers is no accident as they strategically collaborated with artists from different markets, as well as invested in industry standard music videos to promote their tracks.

“People love to watch high-quality videos, so if you’re going to put something out there, make sure the quality is up to standard. Also, ensure that the content has an international appeal. Not all of our music videos have to have the visuals of the grimy ghetto and men shooting at each other. Even if that is what your song is about, there are creative ways of telling that same story without the cliche look people are expecting,” he said.


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