Govana Sends Message To Dancehall Gatekeeper Beenie Man & Praised Intence

Dancehall artiste Govana is sharing praise for fellow youngster Intence following the recent comments of Beenie Man.

Beenie Man, who has taken on the role of dancehall gatekeeper, had weeks ago lamented the quality of music from trap dancehall artists, which he said was contributing to the genre’s destruction.

However, Govana shared that the younger artists should get support because they are choosing to be involved in music rather than crime.

“Ghetto youth, we rich and happy. Big up one of the youth dem. Round of applause for Intence. Ah Whole heap of hate, a whole heap of fight you get from you fawud. You gotta deh up a [inaudible] fire gunshot pon people, like how mi coulda deh a Spanish Town and a fire gunshot pon people. see when the yute them a rise badman, you get what mi seh, low the yute dem make dem rise,” he began.

He also singled out Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, to allow the youths their time to shine.

“Matter of fact, Uncle Moses, love you, big up yourself, low the youth them, me a beg you please. Make the youth them rise because end of the day the youth them could a deh fire gunshot but them a try find a better way for them family,” Govana said.

Two weeks ago, Beenie Man drew the ire of dancehall fans after he ranted that he was at a party held by selectors Harry Hype and Boom Boom, but they were not playing “authentic” dancehall music, including his, but rather supported the trap dancehall artists more.

“When man bring dancehall song to oonu, oonu don’t play it, Ah wam to you Harry Hype? Unu play the trap dancehall. Oonu play the man weh nah come to the party, and we weh deh ya oonu nah play we,” Beenie said.

He continued, “the man weh nuh deh ya oonu play them, one hour, two hour and three hour. Ah dem a f**K up the music. Mi just want you know still….ah dem only ya play bredren.”

Beenie Man’s comments have been received with mixed reactions, with some agreeing with him while others have urged that the new generation of listeners like different music.

Beenie Man has been very vocal against the growth of the trap dancehall sub-genre of Jamaican music. But he is not the only veteran artistes in the space voicing their concerns. Bounty Killer also spoke out on numerous occasions against the underground genre popular among young artistes. Still, their call has done little to slow the momentum of trap dancehall music.
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