Future Honors Bob Marley With A New Tattoo On His Leg

Future is paying homage to Bob Marley as he shared on Tuesday that he tattooed an image of the late great reggae artist on his foot. Future has long declared himself a fan of Reggae music and named Bob Marley as his favorite artist in all genres.

In a video shared on Instagram, the Atlanta rapper shared the process of getting the tattoo, noting that his tattoo artist, Steve, was going to add the image of Marley on his leg.

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981, at the age of 36. The king of reggae is loved and respected by generations of people who recognized the impact of his music on the world during times of hatred and oppression against black people across the world. Future’s video showed the tattoo artist preparing to draw the image of Marley printing the close-up image of Marley’s face with his dreadlocks prominently spread out.

The rapper appeared calm as the tattoo artist placed the drawing on his left leg. It appears that Future also has tattoos of other historical figures on his leg, with a large image of Martin Luther King covering his calf below the Bob Marley Tattoo.

Bob Marley is well known for songs like “No Woman No Cry,” “Three Little Birds,” and “Could You Be Loved,” among others. Marley’s birthday is on February 6, which is widely celebrated by his family and Jamaicans during Reggae Month.

For Future, the tattoo might have a different significance as February is celebrated as Black History Month. Fans of Bob Marley reacted to the rapper paying homage to Marley.

“A real legend in music and spirituality, Jah Bless,” one fan wrote. “The Greatest To Ever Grace The Mic,” another said.

“Sun is Shining The weather is sweet,” another added.

Future, in 2017, shared that he loved Reggae music and that Marley is his all-time favorite artist.

“Bob Marley is my favorite artist of all time and I am a major reggae fan. His music has inspired me in so many ways and I am truly grateful to have been able to experience it. Thank you, Bob Marley, for everything,” the rapper had said in a US Magazine interview.

Future is widely regarded as one of the the most influential rapper of his generation and is credited for pioneering widespread drug use in hip hop. While the Atlanta rapper is undeniably great, Bob Marley is on a whole other level influentially. The Jamaican singer’s timeless music has captivate fans worldwide for close to half a century.

Article Source: Urbanislandz.com

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