Denyque Slams Popcaan For Telling ‘Me S*ck My Mada’

Denyque and Popcaan beefing? The Jamaican songstress shared a fiery message on her Instagram on Thursday (August 24, 2023) and made sure to tag the Unruly Boss in it.

Sources told Urban Islandz that Popcaan was angered because she used a photo of him eating a slice of watermelon on her shirt while promoting her new song, “Between Me And You.” Over the photo, you can see the words “somebody’s son” while the melon is tagged with the word “me.”

We’re told that Popcaan did not like the message being sent and proceeded to leave a comment with some expletives, which she is now responding to.

“B*tch if you want some clout, here’s some!! Guh s*ck Yuh mada and don’t play Wid me,” Popcaan wrote.

Denyque didn’t mince her words in her direct response to the St. Thomas native, who is currently shooting a music video in the United Kingdom. She also accused Popcaan of being sideways with his preferences.

“So @popcaanmusic, me a wear a shirt wid you a eat a [watermelon] which is a fruit – & you a come tell me fi guh “s*ck my mada”?” she wrote. “Where was all this strength and energy when @officialkhighlah go live and tell di people dem how you love bvtty business?! Gi dat some energy to nuh pa. Yu love di bvtty or nah?! We A Wait.”

Khighlah is a social media model who recently exposed her alleged secret relationship with Popcaan while accusing him of liking some of the things Denyque is now alluding to. Popcaan has not yet responded to Denyque’s fiery statement, but knowing the Vanquish deejay, it won’t be long before he offloads what’s on his mind.

Meanwhile, fans of both artists are sharing their opinions on the brewing feud, with some taking sides while others calling for unity among the artists. Dancehall singjay I-Octane is among the persons who reacted to the post. “Rass now [surprised emoji],” Octane wrote.

“Everybody knows you give mad love and you are the most unproblematic person ever! How can anybody disrespect you like this! Now mi haffi guh stand up like soldier man when popcaan a play,” one fan wrote. Another fan scolded Poppy, “No one messes with my baby @thedenyque … @popcaanmusic nah dude you cross the line with this one. This Chica bothers NO ONE !!. Bro worrying about the wrong thing, it ain’t her fault yuh can get Visa fi come America @popcaanmusic low mi artist, ninja go suck fi yuh mumma, too damn bright.”


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Some fans questioned why Denyque used that image of Popcaan on her shirt, alluding to her trying to get cloud from the dancehall artist.

“A Me a read this different or not? Y would u use his photo tho to say somebody son a eat u like melon knowing he would definitely see that as a disrespect. All if a Jamaican man is a eater u know them nuh wah that be public knowledge, Or u wah tell we say him a eat you along with Tony and ky?” one fan wrote.

Denyque and Popcaan are certainly the most unlikely beef in dancehall, but this saga is to be continued.

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