DaBaby Roasted For Selling Buy-One-Get-One Tickets For Small Concert

DaBaby is having a hard time selling tickets even at a buy-one-get-one deal at a small venue.

DaBaby is being roasted for a ticket advertisement that sees him selling concert tickets for $22 a pair in what fans deem a desperate attempt by the rapper to fill his upcoming concert in Alabama. The Buy One Get One free offer is for a show at Iron City in Birmingham on November 15.

The tickets currently being sold on Eventbrite are for the rapper’s “Baby on Baby2” tour. The event venue has a 1,300-standing capacity. The BOGO offer is for general admission for $22.00 with a $5.92 fee. General admission (standing) is going for $42.00 with a $7.07 fee. At the same time, there is an additional offer for an add-on $5 charge for a person under 21 once accompanied by a general admission ticketholder.

DaBaby has upcoming concerts, including on November 12 in Austin, Texas, where tickets are selling for $44 for gen admission, and on November 19 in Los Angeles, with tickets selling for $67.

On Monday afternoon, fans roasted the rapper for the way his career appears to be declining.

“DaBaby’s downfall is something to be studied because Chile,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Not DaBaby having a Bath & Body Works annual sale on his Tickets,” another person said

“There’s a baby shark event here where grown fucking adults dress up as sharks and reenact the baby shark song and it outsold Dababy,” another added.

Months ago, the rapper had to cancel a show in New Orleans due to low ticket sales, but he was adamant that he was not being canceled for his many egregious actions, which included punching his artist, slapping a fan for putting her phone too close to his face, beating up his baby mother Dani Leigh’s brother and also dragging her on Instagram live as a side chick while kicking her out of his home with their three-month-old daughter.

In September, the artist claimed that the low first-week sale for Baby on Baby 2 was because he was “blackballed.” It was revealed that the album’s sales were at least 87% lower than his debut platinum-selling album released in 2019.

The project sold 16,500 units and saw major backlash from fans due to a song on the project claiming that he had slept with Megan Thee Stallion days before the incident with Tory Lanez and implying that they had dated.

Article Source : Urbanislandz.com

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