Cardi B Says “Bongos” Is Funk Inspired, Responds To Joe Budden

Cardi B says her latest song, “Bongos,” will “grow” on fans as she reacts to criticisms about the song not connecting with fans.

Cardi sat down for an interview with Real Housewives producer and creator Andy Cohen on Monday, and she was approached by the press, including TMZ, which questioned her about the song “Bongos” not being as well-received by fans as she had hoped.

Fans do not seem to like the song, with many commenting that they expected Megan Thee Stallion’s comeback to be something better. A Jamaican artist, Lincoln 3Dot, and his fans have also accused Cardi B of jacking his beats and even the lyrics, which sound the same as his track “Bang.”

However, Cardi B says the song is a “funk” track, and fans will need to keep playing the track to like it.

“I’ll say it’ll have to grow on you. I’m a trendsetter. I have to do things different.
I love funk music and when I love something I have to incorporate, put it together with my sound hip hop,” she said.

Cardi is a big fan of dancehall music, especially from her exposure in the Bronx growing up among Jamaicans. She has not acknowledged Lincoln’s claim, especially since the producer for Lincoln is a well-known producer, Track Starr, and someone her producer is familiar with, as well as his music.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper doubled down that her song was funk music.”

“I love funk, I love Dembow, I cannot do trap beats, I cannot talk about fighting bi*hes, I cannot talk about all these things all the time,” Cardi B said. “I could do everything. Get to know other cultures. Don’t be ignorant either. The beat is actually somebody’s else’s culture, and you wouldn’t want people to disrespect your culture so you don’t disrespect people’s culture.”

In the meantime, fans believe that Cardi is responding to critics like Joe Budden, who said her latest song is like “AI” rap music.

Music created by artificial intelligence is currently a major topic in the music industry as some untalented producers seek to use AI to fuse artists like Drake’s voice and superimpose it on music. The matter raises significant legal issues for economic and moral rights ownership in copyright and the life of copyrights, as well as artists’ rights to protect and own their voices.

The Grammy’s has also taken a controversial stance that songs generated by AI will be eligible for entry for an award because the AI is created by a human.

In the meantime, Lincoln 3Dot has warned that he is seeking legal representation to sue Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for the track.

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