Spice In Tears After Getting Into It With Casts On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Spice broke down in tears in the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta following a confrontation with some cast members over her feud with Karlie Redd. The Queen of Dancehall and Redd had a bitter falling out last year, and other cast members have been trying to get them to patch things up.

In the latest episode, which airs Tuesday (April 2), the casts meet for dinner, and as expected, the spotlight quickly shines on Spice and Karlie Redd’s broken friendship. Yandy Smith tries to break the ice between the two females by saying their collaboration “WERK” with Capella Grey is one of her favorite songs.

Spice responded, telling Yandy that she was being shady and that she didn’t even know the words to the song. “What song? You don’t even know the words. You don’t know it; you’re just trying to be shady,” the Jamaican singer said.

“I don’t even like talking about this song because it just keeps reminding me of the situation,” Spice admitted. “Am just annoyed at everybody just pressuring the situation with me and Karlie. We’re gonna talk when we are ready to talk, not because somebody say we fi talk.”

Things quickly took a bad turn when Spice became upset when her cast members tried to get her and Karlie Redd to reconcile. The dancehall artist says she felt like she was being unfairly labeled as a bully. “All of yall need to stop with this scare narrative because yall trying to paint me like a bully. Is she scared of Sierra? Sierra box her in her face; Sierra hit her in her face, but she’s not scared of Sierra,” she yelled.

In explaining her side, Karlie Redd said, “Spice why are you deflecting to go into Seirra about me and Seirra’s beef?” she said. “Seirra has definitely take accountability for her actions and she has never came for me like that again ever since. Huge difference from you denying that you even attacked me.”

By then, Spice was extremely upset and emotional, and she confronted her cast members about how they were coming at her. “Am leaving am not gonna let them do this to me again,” she said. “Am not doing it another year.”

Spice also explains that her dad passed away when she was only nine years old and why her tough upbringing in Jamaica is why she is so aggressive. “I lost my dad when I was nine years old. Growing up ina Jamaica, it was so hard for me,” she said. “Even going into the business, Dancehall is a harsh place. It’s a male-dominated business, so I had to be like that man figure. Even though it has built me, and mould me, and shape me into my success story, the woman that I am, and the artiste that I am, It also comes with that negative part of me being so aggressive and so quick to fight back and quick to lash out.”

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