Usain Bolt Begins Work On His Sophomore Album

Usain Bolt quietly begins working on his sophomore.

He once dominated the sprint world, and now it seems world record holder Usain Bolt wants to dominate the dancehall genre. He’s announced that a second album is on the way following his debut album last year, Country Yutes.

Bolt made the revelation during an interview with the British publication, The Sun. He explained that music is part of who he is and that the recent lockdowns due to the pandemic gave him time to truly delve into the world of music. During this time, his love for it increased, he added.

Usain Bolt went on to say that the first album was done to show people that he’s not a gimmick but is serious about making music.

“When we started out people thought I was just messing around and bored with nothing to do but I wanted to let them know I was serious. I wanted to do a proper body of work and put it out there,” he continued.

The “Beautiful Human” deejay said people have since responded positively to his first body of work and are now reaching out to him to work together. He anticipates that he will be putting out a lot more music this year.

Usain Bolt’s debut was not bad either since it even got him his first Billboard top ten in their reggae album charts. He did not reveal much about the album’s direction but did say that he hopes to work with some of the rising stars in Jamaica and maybe some veterans.

However, he’s also looking to expand his horizons and said that his record company, 9.58 Records, has also been in talks with a few artists in the UK who they would like to work with as well. He’s hoping to do a lot more collaborations on his second album, he added.

Usain Bolt seems set on making a serious musical career. In September 2021, he told Revolt TV that throughout his career in track and field, he was always dancing and always listening to music. He added that it was something that he wanted to get into for a very long time.

“I always tell people, if you enjoy something, you should always just put your all into it. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says. Something you love, just push through and just work hard. So, that’s what I did, and then that’s what we’re doing here. I’m just working to try and get a foot in,” he added.

Bolt also shared that his aim in dancehall was to get back to the genre’s roots. He explained that he wanted to get back to authentic hardcore dancehall, which he believed people enjoy and love. To do this, artistes have to get back to the style of those who made dancehall iconic, like Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Vybz Kartel, he added.

Even though this is the direction he’s heading in now, he also made it clear to the Sun that he still has hopes of reliving some Olympic Glory, even if that’s through his children.

“I would love for at least one of my kids to do sports. If they don’t want to, it is fine. But I would like at least one of them to do track and field. I could train them,” he shared.



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