Update: Dancehall Veteran Tiger Found Safe After Reported Missing

Update: Tiger has been found safe following a four year ordeal. His daughter Rhialty confirmed the news on Friday that a Good Samaritan, Leonardo Reynolds of Greenwich Farm, housed the artist for a few days.

Original: Dancehall veteran Tiger’s family is asking the public for help finding his location after reporting him missing since Tuesday.

Tiger, who rose to dancehall stardom in the 1980s, had a stroke in 2021, which resulted in him walking slowly, his daughter Rhialty said at the time. A few stakeholders in the dancehall space later rallied to support the deejay by asking fans for donations to help with his medical bills. Dancehall Queen Carlene was among the persons advocating for help for the deejay.

Rhialty, who is Tiger’s primary caregiver, says the artiste wandered away from his home in St. Andrew on Monday, and she has not seen him since.

“I put my father to bed on Monday night and when I woke up in the morning, he was missing,” she told the Observer. “We reported him missing to the Matilda’s Corner police station on Tuesday and we have been worried sick about him since. A four days now, and him inna the same clothes. I am worried about him. I don’t know if he has eaten, if he is being properly cared for, nothing, this is so frustrating.”

She also mentioned a TikTok video that is going viral of Tiger with another person who is asking for help for the deejay while claiming that he is mentally ill. The artiste’s daughter says she wants the video removed because it is doing more harm, although the person involved might be trying to do something good.

Tiger is best known for his hit song “No Wanga Gut,” released in 1987. He also released timeless hits like “Nobody Move,” “When,” “The Ram Dancehall,” and “No Puppy Love.”

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