Trippie Redd Is Sorry For Cheating On His Girlfriend Skye Morales

Trippie Redd pens a lengthy message apologizing to his girlfriend, Skye Morales, for cheating on her. The 24-year-old Ohio rapper took to his Instagram page on Wednesday to drop the bombshell saying he will never forgive himself for what he did.

Trippie Redd did not divulge the details about his cheating, but he appears quite remorseful about his missteps. The post has since been deleted from his Instagram, and Skye Morales has not directly responded, at least not publicly.

“Just wanted to publicly apologize to Skye,” Trippie said in his message. “Do not be mad at her I cheated she not have had the best attitude with me but she was the most loyal partner I ever had and I lost her. I just want u guys to be better than me [100 emoji] so if u find someone that makes u feel special think before u do wen ur mad I will never forgive myself for this shit ever [broken heart emoji]. I’m sorry Skye I don’t even want u to forgive me I just want u to know I understand I feel it I’m a fucking idiot I promise u nun of it was worth wat I had.”

The “Love Scars” rapper ended his statement taking a dig at his haters, who he said have been waiting for him to cheat on his girlfriend and ruin his relationship.

Prior to his message, Sky Morales posted a cryptic message on her Instagram story alluding to the demise of their relationship.

Never regret the love you gave anyone, even if it wasn’t reciprocated, love always comes back full circle, that love will come back in some shape or form. Keep putting love out into the universe, cause it’s coming back with interest,” she shared in a meme.

Last month, Trippie Redd celebrated his 24th birthday with Skye by copping himself a diamond chain from celebrity jeweler Alex Moss. The rapper revealed that he dropped a cool six figures for the piece of jewelry.

Trippie Redd was also in Jamaica in May of this year, working on new music with Rvssian, Tommy Lee Sparta, and Vybz Kartel. The rapper also shoots a music video for their collab, “Sxiteen.”

On the musical front, Trippie Redd is getting ready to release his new album, A Love Letter to You 5, due on August 11.

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