Trinibad Dancehall Artist Kalonji Arthur Shot, Girlfriend Killed

Another Trinidadian dancehall artist has been killed, Loop TT news reports. On Friday, the news site reported that 25-year-old Trinibad artiste of Delaford, Tobago, and his girlfriend Bridget James, 25, were the victims of a shooting.

Kalonji is reportedly in critical condition at the hospital, while James died. Reports are that the couple were shot multiple times while at The Brix Hotel’s car park, located in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city.

According to Loop New TT, the couple was seen out celebrating James’ 25th birthday. They were said to be in a silver-grey Toyota Carolla around 2:16 p.m. when a car pulled up next to them, and two gunmen exited and fired shots at them.

James died at the Port of Spain General Hospital while Kalonji received medical attention.

The artist is known for local dancehall hits “Run Up” and “Triple.”

Kalonji is among more than half a dozen dancehall artists in Trinidad who have been killed over the last two years.

Trinibad is the name that artists call dancehall in Trinidad, a derivative that is inspired by Jamaican dancehall music. Most of the songs are about the grimy side of crime, with many artists pushing out “gunman” tunes.

It’s unclear why so many artists are being killed. Back in August, an artist by the name of Daniel Hamilton, best known for his track. “Protect My Life “was shot and killed by a close friend. News reports say that the artist was visited by the “friend” for about 15 minutes before shots rang out.

He was later discovered with gunshot wounds to the head and face.

Another artist, Kyle George, popularly known as Rebel Sixx, was shot and killed back in July 2020. Known for songs like “Rifle War,” “Fully Dunce,” and “Squeeze,” the artist also claimed to be a member of the Montego Bay-based ‘6ix’ crew led by Squash.

The 26-year-old artiste was at home playing video games with his front door open when two men entered and shot him several times. The police later said the killing was gang-related. It’s unclear if anyone has been arrested.

Back in May, another Squash 6ix camp artist, Fari Dan, was shot and killed. Born N’kosi Bovell, the artist was at a bar in Tobago when he was shot and killed by two gunmen on May 15.

On October 14, 2021, artist CraigMan whose real name is Keenan Craig, 31, was killed at St. Paul Street, Laventille. A lone gunman shot and killed him shortly after 9 p.m. He was well-known for songs like “Chat” and “Nightfall” with fellow artist Metal Dan.

In September, two Trinibad artists were killed by police. Jahiem “Chucky Blanco” Joseph, 18, was known for songs like “KRR,” “Nah Play,” “MURDER,” and “Bad Up,” was shot dead by police on September 25, while Josiah “Siah Boss” McClatchie, was reportedly killed during a shootout with police on September 26. Both men are alleged to have opened fire on the police first.

Another artist, 18-year-old Brad Bailey, known by the stage name Bradbadlikethat was shot and killed in March 2021 after he allegedly sent a threat to a gang.


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