Terri Lyons is the new Calypso Monarch

Terri Lyons is the Calypso Monarch of 2020.

Lyons, daughter of the legendary Austin Lyons aka Superblue, won the prestigious title last night at the Calypso Monarch finals.

Lyons won with her biting social and political commentary “Obeah”  and “Meghan My Dear’ in the first and second rounds respectively. During her performance of ‘Obeah’ she brought her father on stage.

The fashionably-dressed artiste dethroned last year’s winner Renaldo London who placed 12th.

The top three in the finals are all women and daughters of calypsonians. Karene Asche placed second and Heather McIntosh placed third.

Congratulations have been pouring in for Lyons from the calypso and soca fraternities.

In an immediate post on social media, Superblue said: “Congratulations to my Daughter @terrilyons82 on winning the Calypso Monarch 2020. Well done #soca #calypso #music #love #family

Nadia Batson, lead singer for Sass, an all-female band which Lyons is a part of wrote on Instagram: “You deserve it ALLLLL!!! Soooooo happy I could cry!??? Congratulations to my sis @terrilyons82 Your new CALYPSO MONARCH 2020!!

The Calypso Monarch results are as follows:

1. Terri Lyons
2. Karene Asche
3. Heather Mc Intosh
4. Brian London
5. Duane O’ Connor
6. Chalkdust
7. Gypsy
8. Rondell Donowa
9. Singing Sonia
10. Kurt Allen
11. Michelle Henry
12. Renaldo London

Source: http://www.looptt.com

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