Teejay Responds To Criticism He Didn’t Go On His Knee During Proposal

Dancehall artist Teejay is not bothered by the comments on social media that his proposal to his longtime girlfriend and the mother of three of his children, Tionna Porter, lacked romance and effort.

The artist proposed to Tionna earlier this month, which seemed a complete surprise. Teejay was seen stretching his hand across the table as he handed the box to her. The box was not opened, nor did he get on his knees to signal what the moment or gifting of the box was about.

However, his now fiancée seemed pleasantly caught off guard and reacted to the proposal surprise. Fans on social media were happy for the couple and Teejay, who has been making several big life decisions recently. Others, however, argued about the proposal being low effort and lacking romance for such an important time for a couple.

Many also questioned whether Jamaican men were incapable of showing romance to women in public, while the men defended Teejay as doing the right thing in his own way. The artist was unbothered as he explained in a recent interview that he didn’t know what to do.“Mi never know because mi nuh know how fi do them something there,” Teejay said. “Hear what mi think about it- people need fi understand going down on your knees nuh really prove nothing. That nuh prove say you love a woman more than [us]. We deh ya a rock it for 14 years like baby girl, you go through so much.”Teejay and Tionna might have had their share of troubles in the past, as the artist has six (6) children, three of whom are born to Tionna. Some of the children were also born during the time he mentions being with Tionna.

The artist also responded to women who were criticizing him.

“Some a dem banana head girls out here dem nah really look pan the thing like that. Dem nah appreciate it. You have to appreciate young love. Like when you see young love believe in each other and appreciate them,” he added.

Teejay is presently promoting his ‘I Am Chippy’ album, released earlier this month under Warner Music.

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