St Lucia Announces “Vaxxed Mas” Carnival 2022

The government of St Lucia has announced that Carnival 2022 will be hosted, but only vaccinated revelers will be allowed to attend.

Dubbed ‘The Vaxxed Mas’, Carnival 2022 in St Lucia is based on approval from the Ministry of Health according to existing protocols, said the government in a press release.

The aim for The Vaxxed Mas is to create a bubble to ensure the safety of everyone involved; the general public and carnival patrons alike. Everyone participating, revelers, patrons, support staff and service providers must be fully vaccinated.

Dr Ernest Hilaire, Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information says that as a Carnival enthusiast himself, it is important to build on the hard work and dedication that started by the people who brought carnival to where it is now.

“We have to ensure that we preserve the health of St Lucia while creating an economic activity for our people to benefit from,” Dr Hilaire says.

With Carnival being a major part of Tourism in St Lucia, it brings in thousands of visitors to the island. Dr Hilare says that a lot of people use the Carnival season to showcase their talents and it is even more important after the two-year hiatus to encourage them to continue doing so.

Strict protocols and guidelines will be implemented and further plans will be announced at a later date to ensure the safety of everyone for Carnival 2022. Carnival in St Lucia is usually held in the month of July in the capital city of Castries.

No other CARICOM island has officially announced plans for their annual carnival celebrations as yet.


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