Squash Returns To Instagram With His Kids Months After Arrest In Florida

Dancehall artiste Squash has ended his Instagram hiatus as he returned to social media with a new update for fans on Monday night. The artiste was reportedly arrested by border patrol agents in Florida back in June.

His arrest stemmed from breaches of the state’s immigration laws, where he was said to have overstayed his visa. Squash, whose real name is Andre Whittaker, was reportedly held at the Krome Detention Center in Miami.

The artiste has not denied or confirmed the reports, but he appeared in good spirits as he shared photos of himself smiling at home and other snaps with two children who fans speculated are his.

“Some sh*t I just leave up to god #6ixx,” Squash wrote on Instagram.

The Montego Bay artiste is seen wearing some new kicks while showing off his extra-white smile. In another photo, he holds a baby boy who bears an uncanny resemblance to him, as well as a toddler girl. The artiste also showed off a large stack of cash laid out on his bed. His latest post comes following his mother, Shelly-ann Millwood, revealing that the artiste was not in jail.

“Artiste deh a road long time, ah bun up road,” she said on a live video.

Squash good man. Don’t listen to people. Squash don’t have a charge inna foreign, Squash don’t have a case inna foreign. The artiste good, mi can tell you that,” she added.

Squash has been keeping a low profile since June, particularly since he was linked to a man arrested for a double murder in Lauderhill, Florida, last year. The artiste’s producer, Jahreme ‘J Man’ Shelton, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder charges. He was spotted on camera during a daring shootout caught on home surveillance video.

As for Squash, he is originally from Salt Spring, St. James, but emigrated to Florida after being accused of being a “violence producer” and linked to gangs and lottery scamming.

The artiste, however, rebutted those claims, noting that he left Jamaica because he was being harassed by corrupt cops.

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