Spice Shares Inspirational Journey In Dancehall From Homeless To “Millionaire”

Spice is reflecting on her 2-decade journey in dancehall while sharing her remarkable triumph.

The Queen of Dancehall has one of the most inspirational journeys when it comes to building a career in dancehall. Spice entered the game when there were few influential female artists in a very male-dominated genre. She worked steadily and tirelessly to maintain her grip on the industry even after more female artists came along who each had their turn in the spotlight.

With her album, TEN, confirmed for July 30th release, the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star took to Instagram to share some of that inspiration with her fans and to thank them for helping her get to a significant milestone as she declared that she is now a millionaire.

“I came from the ground up?? I went from Homeless to owning Houses, from one pair of shoe and $0 in my account to now a Millionaire,” she began.

Spice also detailed the struggles she faced as a woman in the industry and the fact that she had to back herself many times or else she simply would not have made it.

“For over a decade I’ve been my own Manager, producer, Director, PR, stylist, Social media Manager, creative Director and the long list goes on. Moral of my story, I’ve built brand Spice on my own, I struggled to stay consistent with no major support system behind me , simple because I believed in myself and Never gave up,” she added.

She also gave thanks to God for giving her the tenacity to endure and to keep pushing forward.

“Besties if the door is closed open it, if the waves get rough ride through the storm. If the road is too rocky create another way to drive on, just keep moving and don’t ever look back to listen to the Voices and opinions of people, If you believe God will turn things around for you just type AMEN ,” she continued.

Spice then shared her excitement that she was finally able to produce an album for her fans. “I started my career Journey in 1999 and For the first time in my entire career I will officially have my very first Album on JULY 30TH called Ten. #SpiceAlbum10 Besties I love you all so much,” she posted.

Her fans were quick to show their appreciation like this fan who commended her efforts, “And I’m sooo proud! Queen-ship aint only about songs or views! This is it!!! Struggling and doing it all by yourself love u spice ?? keep going and I’ll be here to watch you and Cheer you on,” and this one who added, “Your story reminds me of mine ! I’m on my own journey of coming up ! You deserve to be celebrated.”

Spice is currently enjoying some success with her new single “Go Down Deh” featuring Shaggy and Sean Paul dominating the airwaves. So far the trio have performed the summer banger on Wendy Williams ShowJimmy Kimmel Live, and on Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, giving them exposure to millions of fans on the global stage.

Article Source: Urbanislandz.com

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