Spice Reveals She Has Another Hernia On Love & Hip Hip Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member and dancehall artiste Spice says her doctor has discovered a second hernia months after she received a lifesaving surgery to treat a hernia.

On Season 11, episode 7, the artiste became emotional as she shared with her friends the negative prognosis while at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Spice revealed in a conversation with Rasheeda and Yandi that the doctor found the second hernia.

“The doctor just told me they couldn’t remove the stent because I have another hernia. Knowing what I went through with my first hernia to now find out that I have another hernia, it’s hard to process knowing I could die any minute,” Spice said as she grew emotional.

The Jamaican artiste was spotted crying while with family members and friends. Spice revealed that she may need to have another surgery to remove the hernia, but she doesn’t know how she will handle it given the traumatic surgery she had last year into this year.

“I have no idea how I’m gonna handle a new procedure to do a new surgery for another hernia again, the procedure to remove my gall bladder…knowing I have to remove the stent- so many complications so many things that’s happening in my life, I’m just praying to God because I really can’t manage no more,” Spice said.

Spice is also seen crying while with her sister and other family members. “Mi nuh know how much more we can bear, oh Jesus please God,” Spice said while crying.

One of Spice’s family members also offers words of comfort to her as he reminds her that “God only gives his strongest soldiers the hardest battles.”

Last year, Spice was hospitalized in a coma in the Dominican Republic. The artiste has not denied or confirmed that she travelled to get cosmetic surgery, but she revealed that she had a hernia which was damaged during a procedure to treat fibrosis.

The wound was infected and caused her to have sepsis and causing her to flatline while receiving medical care. The artiste was resuscitated and then flown back to Atlanta, where she said she received care to help sew up an open wound in her stomach that doctors cut to save her life.

Spice’s road to recovery has been remarkable, and she recently started performing again, but it seems that her current diagnosis might set her back somewhat.


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