Soca Industry Called to Activate As Bahamas Reels From Hurricane Dorian.

“I need 5 mins of your time. Been having sleepless days since Sunday, trying to figure out how are we going to do this now! It‘s time for the Whole Soca Industry to Give to what gives to us. Give back the support that is given to us. Show that you have the heart, show that we care about the recent disasters brought upon The Bahamas.” – Kewin DuBois


The devastation in the Bahamas is gut-wrenching, to say the least. Over 40 people have died and over 70,000 are homeless in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian’s passage last week. An all hands on board approach has been repeated by Caribbean governments and international agencies and amid that, one soca artiste has broken his silence and is calling on the soca fraternity to give back what the Bahamas has given to them, over the years.

‘Bacchanalist’ singer, Kerwin Dubois, ached by the videos and images of the Hurricane’s devastation, took to social media on Thursday. He’d created a video- some five minutes long, detailing the emotions of those who are now faced with the cleanup and restoration of the tourism destination. “So what we going and do now? Every year we’re faced with this disaster. These people lost everything. You know what it is to lose everything?” says DuBois. He says he is going to the Bahamas, expressing that he feels the need to be there to help in any way that he can. Now, with a challenge thrown out, the artist is waiting for feedback from the stakeholders of soca- artistes, promoters and even fans, on what they propose to do, to help the people of the Bahamas.


Separately, Miami’s soca and carnival ambassador, Giselle the Wassi One, has activated together with Alpha Sounds Promotions for an event called ‘To the Bahamas With Love.’ “The Bahamas has given us soooo much love. It’s our turn to give back. I have friends and family that have lost absolutely everything,” she wrote in a message. Together with Alpha Sounds, Wassi’s hosting a fundraiser in Nassau, the Bahamas on Saturday, September 14th with all proceeds raised being donated to the Bahamas Red Cross. Wassi has called on everyone who can, including soca industry cohorts, to give of their time and talent to help the people of the Bahamas.




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