Skinny Credited by TUCO As Famalay Gives Machel His 10th Road March Title and Bunji, His First

Machel Montano and Austin SuperBlue Lyons are now officially tied for Road March wins, each having earned 10 in their respective careers. Bunji Garlin, the son-in-law of Lyons, and husband of former Road March champ, Fay Ann Lyons, has earned his first. The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) has revealed this year’s Road March as “Famalay”, a song written by St. Vincent’s Gamal Doyle, best known as Skinny Fabulous. He also sings on the Road March hit, an issue that initially confused some as to whether the song could be eligible for the title.

“Famalay” was officially registered to contend for the title in late February. Initially it was explained that Doyle would not be credited by TUCO as he is a non national of Trinidad and Tobago. Results have however shown otherwise, with Skinny’s name being included in the credits.

Meanwhile, Bunji Garlin’s first Road March win seems to be a pretty beautiful one for the Lyons-Alvarez family, Bunji’s wife, Fay Ann Lyons, earlier posting a very hearty congratulatory message on Instagram, to her husband :

Bunji Garlin has continued to work hard at his craft. He delivered a number of Soca tracks this past season, including “Ground Pound” and “The Fence.” Online, following news of his win with Machel and Skinny, he wrote : “As I celebrate 20 years existence in soca I would like to thank God for all that time and all that I’ve experienced in it. I thank him for the people that have been met along the way. I would like to congratulate my brothers @machelmontano @skinnyfabulous on such a powerful piece of material that made people just came together in unbelievable ways and of course on the Road March win!!! Thank you @fayannlyons for encouraging me to do the song when it came and the words were ‘do it because you like it and not for a look. Let it mean something to people or leave it alone’ and we proceeded and everyone won. Love to @dadamuzic and @internationalstephen on all their work that went into this and @chekothari and Fay as well in many many scenes behind to make sure it stood!!!”

Kees Dieffenthaller has placed second in this year’s Road March race with his hit, “Savannah Grass” being played some 207 times for masqueraders who crossed the various stages, on the two days of street revelry.

Kees Dieffenthaller


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