Skillibeng Reveals New Is Titled ‘Mr. Universe’, Joins Apple Music’s Black Music Month

Skillibeng was named among 40 artists Apple Music selected to celebrate Black Music Month. The dancehall star also revealed his new album is titled, Mr. Universe.

The “Crocodile Teeth” deejay continues to make waves in his career as he has been named one of the artists for Black Music Month that all of the Apple Editors picked as representative of what the future of music looks like.

According to Ebro DardenSkillibeng has been named among 40 artists of all genres of music worldwide for Black Music Month. The artist was told the news in his recent sit-down with Darden on his Apple Music podcast, where he spoke about his upcoming album and even revealed the name.

According to Skillibeng, his upcoming album will be called Mr. Universe. While speaking on the Ebro Darden Show on Apple Music, the singer shared that fans are going to see more of his lyrical side in the upcoming album.

“I think I’m gonna call my album that too. It’s just a whole build-up towards the album because Mr. Universe is just a song people always wanted to hear more of that side of me, that lyrical side, Mr. Universe is a very lyrical side of me, lot of people don’t even understand what I’m saying in there. It’s very technical, it’s very informative,” he said.

Skillibeng added that he had deviated from making songs similar to Mr. Universe because fans were gravitating to the catchy sounds and phrases in his other music and were uninterested in delving into his content deeper songs.

“That’s a side of me that people like and they say I haven’t given that side to them cause I have been going to the simpler forms of music,” Skilli said. “that’s the music that’s getting me places like people could really hear me on an international level.”

Skillibeng added that he is building momentum with his EP Mr. Universe now out, and fans can expect to hear more of his musical talent from his various personalities.

“My real fans from the original get-go know what I’m on. I’m building momentum for the album cause’ the album it’s going to be Mr. Universe too and I just released the EP with the same name, with the same cover.”

In the meantime, Skillibeng also reacted to the many career changes he is experiencing in s short time.

The dancehall artist’s presence has grown exponentially, and most of his shows are sold out. Growing up in the parish of St. Thomas, Skillibeng was an underground artist and got his big break with the hit single “Brik Pan Brik,” released in 2019. From humble beginnings to now gracing the stage of Summer Jam, the artist says he’s excited about the journey.

“It feels good. I don’t even feel pressured about what’s going on,” Skillibeng said. “I’m all excited about what’s going on cause’ you know there’s a lot of stuff coming toward me… even the Summer Jam show last night that was my first time going on such a big show. As I go along, I’m learning new stuff.”

Meanwhile, he didn’t lose the opportunity to share that he is inspired by dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel and how he has managed to change his sound to keep his fans interested.

Skillibeng did not disclose a release date for the upcoming album. By all indications, it won’t be until after summer, as he noted that his current EP, which features French Montana and Fivio Foreign is a “summer album.”

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