Shenseea Trends With First Song Of The New Year “Dolly”

Shenseea lives up to her “trending gyal” moniker with her first single of 2022, “Dolly.”

Shenseea is known for her girl’s anthem music, even though some of it is arguably provocative and controversial. However, the artist is getting the support of her ShenYeng fanbase with her new song “Dolly,” which sees the artiste sings that other women are jealous of her because she’s pretty and has a nice body.

Dancehall has always been a mirror when it comes to trends in Jamaican culture as it reflects the trend and, in some cases, sets the trends.

In this case, Shenseea’s song is going to have the fans singing and no doubt getting on Tik Tok and showing off their dolly body.

In the song, Shenseea features the dancing trio and dancehall artiste Spice’s former dancers TC, Pretty Pretty, and Rebel, who went viral with the “Dolly” title.

The now-viral video comes from the three women in a clip from their YouTube reality show, Dancehall Life. The show is produced by Downsound Records and has thousands of subscribers.

One particular viral moment from the show has the girls discussing the current pandemic. The dancers, TC and Pretty Pretty, who now sport ‘dolly bodies’ thanks to plastic surgery, are heard saying, “life nice then mi coulda want to go six feet? No dovecot to the dolly body,” as they laugh and discuss their valuable “dolly body.”

Of course, the moment has gone viral and has 32.7 K views on Tik Tok and is called the Dolly Body Challenge.

Shenseea is heard saying, “Mi look like a dolly, nuff money spend pon mi body, a nuff man a dead ova me.”

The artist is seen in a life-size Shenseea, aka Barbie box. The song, produced by Chimney Records and Romeich Entertainment, quickly surpassed 100K views within a few hours of being released on the artist’s official Vevo channel on YouTube.

The end of the song also incorporates viral sensation Barbara who busses her signature dance moves.


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